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Life is constantly happening and usually, it’s happening to us, not to mention those unprepared “I didn’t see that coming” moments. Definitely not the ideal time to start questioning if you are properly insured. Life is filled with uncertainties, but luckily you can be certain with the right insurance policy for every area in your life.

We offer our customers tailored solutions for the  milestone they are at in their life, and for whatever tools they are using to get there. 

Auto Insurance 

As most of us know, it’s a requirement for anyone utilizing a vehicle in most cases to have some sort of insurance, also referred to as policy. This policy consists of a list of details such as vehicle information, type of coverage, and perks like roadside assistance. One of the biggest hurdles is understanding the types of insurance coverage being offered and the variations by location.

The types of Auto Insurance coverage are listed as:

Liability Coverage – Protects you if you cause an accident

  • Mandatory in most states, drivers are required to purchase a minimum amount of liability coverage set by state law. This type of coverage consists of two buckets:
  1. Bodily injury liability – may cover costs involving another person’s injuries if you were at fault.
  2. Property damage liability – may cover costs for damages to another person’s property if caused while driving.

Comprehensive – Protects you from accidents

  • May help cover damages from such occurrences as theft, fire, hail, or vandalism. This type of insurance helps pay for repairs or a complete replacement (up to the vehicle’s cash value).

Collision – Protects your vehicle regardless

  • As the name indicates, covers most things you might collide into such as other vehicles, objects such as fences, or those yellow poles that seem to come out of nowhere. It may help you pay to repair or replace your vehicle (up to its cash value and minus your deductible).

Uninsured and Underinsured – Protects you if someone else doesn’t

  • Optional depending on the state but may help cover collision costs if the driver at fault doesn’t have insurance or lacks adequate insurance such as a liability limit that doesn’t cover all of the damages, which may include medical bills. 

Motorcycle / All-Terrain Vehicle Insurance

There is no wonder why so many people are attracted to Motorcycles and ATVs, that feeling of freedom on the open road is hard to duplicate. But like with any freedom, it does come with it’s own risk as riders more often than not are confronted with the threat of damage, injury and, unfortunately, death. This is why it is important for riders to take the necessary precautions before riding, proper coverage being at the top of the list. This coverage is similar to other types of vehicle insurance, providing protection in the event of an accident.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Whether your RV is used for enjoyment or as a residence, we offer insurance plans to meet your unique needs, wherever the road may take you. With so many destinations to see and enjoy, from a campsite or park to a luxurious vacation destination make sure you have the best insurance coverage along for the ride.

Home Insurance

Protect your home and the loved ones who reside in it. Homeowners insurance protects you from those unexpected moments detailed in your policy, which typically include fire, wind, hail, theft, vandalism, and water damage (it may not include flood insurance), to get you back to where you left off, enjoying your home with your loved ones.

Homeowners’ coverage provides financial protection against disasters, theft, and accidents. Most policies can be broken down into four categories of coverage: structural, personal belongings, liability protection, and additional living expenses. 

Structure Coverage

  • Your policy would cover repairs or an entire rebuild of your home if it’s been damaged or destroyed by fire, hurricane, hail, lighting, or other disasters outlined in your policy.
  • Most policies cover detached structures such as a garage, shed, or gazebo, in general up to 10 percent of the amount of insurance you have on your home.
  • It is important to note that a standard policy will not cover damages that were caused by a flood, earthquake, or general wear and tear.
  • Remember to always purchase enough coverage to be able to rebuild your home.

Personal Belongings

This category covers furniture, clothes, and a decent list of other personal items if they were stolen, damaged, or destroyed by insured natural disasters. Generally between 50 to 70 percent of the insurance you have on the structure of the house will cover your personal belongings.

  • One way to determine how much coverage is needed is to take a home inventory.
  • Personal items could include things that are not on the premises, meaning you could be covered anywhere in the world. 
  • Includes more expensive items like jewelry, art, collectibles, etc which usually cover only a certain limit if they are stolen. If you prefer full value coverage you would need to include a personal property endorsement or floater which would insure the item for its professionally appraised value.

Liability Protection

This type of insurance protects you from lawsuits involving bodily injury or property damage caused by you or a family member against other people. This also includes coverage if the damage was caused by your pet. 

  • The policy covers the cost of defending you in court or any amount the court awards, up to your policy limit. 
  • Liability limits usually start at $100k but it’s always best to consult with a professional who can assist in tailoring a protection solution if you wanted to include additional assets with more coverage than is provided by your homeowner’s policy.
  • Provides no-fault medical coverage in case someone is injured in your home.

Additional Living Expenses

Covers additional costs that may be inquired if you are living away from home due to damages from an insured disaster. Some items that may be covered include hotel bills, restaurant meals, and other costs above your normal expenses while your home is being repaired/rebuilt.

  • Make sure to understand the coverage limits as some include a time limitation. This amount is separate from the total covered in the policy to rebuild your home. 

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